A world of aliens, technology, and magic..

The galaxy of Haven holds over 300 planets. Rathaav'ir being the 120th orbiting the center star they call Yuva. Most planets don't even see Yuva, though they all find their own way to be habitable. Most places use barriers called 'Life Bubbles'. These barriers, or shields, use artificial light that they take from Yuva's lesser rays.

Rathaav'ir, like many other planets, use their barriers as a way to filter out CO2 and other pollution that could harm the air and planet. The planet is one of only four that have Cer Stones deep within the planet that give some living things the ability to use magic. These beings are usually called Cerciels.

Rathaav'ir is part of a colony of planets allied together called Haven's Watch. One of the three alliances created. Planets not in any alliances are usually called Home Spaces, mostly used to give soldiers and fighters a place to rest during wars. Also true neutral planets that don't allow this and stay completely out of any conflict and trade even are Safe Spaces.

Rathaav'ir is mostly desert with large oasis spread throughout the planet. Mountains sit on the northern pole of the world and run south close to the equator.

Many years after Helzzier's attempt to destroy the world she crashed on, she is now made a home on a smaller planet called Rathaav'ir. The story of four friends, Cloud, Biscuit, Kesune, and Juul. Growing up in an orphanages until they outgrew the system was worth it with everyone together. Now with Biscuit and Cloud's place in the flight force, they help Helzzier closely for missions and aid within the galaxy.

Short Story: Breakfast

Cloud woke up to a hand on her shoulder, and she sat up pulling out a knife.

“Woah!! Hey! It’s me!” Biscuit's voice giggled. “We’re in the cave! Come on, Juul made breakfast!” She hops down from the ledge and walks toward the entrance.

Cloud grumbled a bit and got up. She lowered herself down from the ledge, put on her vest and headed out behind Biscuit.

“There she iiiis!” A fluttering voice called toward Cloud. Cloud hissed a bit and sat at the table. Biscuit hopped next to Cloud and Kesune. Kesune smiled at Cloud. “How did you sleep, dear?” Cloud nodded, “It was a decent night.” Kesune nodded back.

Juul set up an array of cooked meats and bugs and fruits. “I couldn’t sleep much, I was so excited for today's trip. I wanted to make sure Cloud and Biscuit had a good breakfast before heading into the city!”

“It’s not a big deal. We go into the city all the time.” Cloud began to fix her plate.

“You’re staying as guests in a hotel for Helzzier!!!” Juul pointed a fork at her.

“Look, all I’m saying is I’m not all that excited to have to dress up for some meeting with Helzzier.” She took a bite of some version of steak.

Juul just huffed and looked at Biscuit, “I bet you're excited!!”

Biscuit put a thumbs up, “You know it! I just hope we really get to meet with Helzzier and not one of her people that talks for her.”

Juul hummed happily and nodded.

Kesune looked at Cloud. “I thought you liked Helzzier, Cloud.”

Cloud kept eating. “I just know what she wants and I’m not looking forward to turning her down.”

Kesune looked shocked. “What do you mean, you have to turn her down? What is she going to ask?”

Cloud shrugged. “She’s going to need some flight fighters probably. Why did you think she invited Biscuit along?”

Biscuit thought for a moment. Kesune chimed in, “I guess so. So why are you going to decline?”
“They’re probably going to ask Jasper and Bucket to be there as well for some stupid scouting trip. They talked about needing scouters in a meeting last week at Lis Mokt.” Cloud got up from the table, taking her dishes to the sink.

Biscuit made a puking noise at the mention of Jasper and Bucket, going over to put her dishes up as well. “Well we better be on our way, huh!” Biscuit elbowed Cloud a bit. Cloud growled. “Yeah, I suppose.” She turned to the others, Juul got up and hugged Cloud and Biscuit. “Be safe you two!” Biscuit happily hugged back and Kesune came over hugging them too. Cloud groaned after a while, “Okay, okay! We’re only going to be gone a night.” Juul and Kesune let go. “I know.” Juul sighed.

Cloud and Biscuit went near the entrance and hopped on their bikes. They rode off to Rotekc.

Jets and Coffee: Part I

Cloud pushed forward on her pad and her ship blasted forward, engines burning. “Ozen you take right!” She screamed into the radio. Her focus was on the last ship in front of her. “Try to slow it down!” She messed with some controls on her dash and a blast flew from her ship, barely hitting the ship in front of her. “No! Come on.” She focused again, her partner now flying next to the enemy ship. “Be careful!” She talked back into the radio. She lined up her target again and blasted another laser. Ozen flew off as the ship exploded into pieces and Cloud slowed her ship, there was cheering on the radio.

“Alright! They’re retreating. Come on back to the base.” A voice crackled on the line. Cloud put her hand back on the pad and turned her ship around, blasting off back to the base. It’s been two months since Cloud had left and joined the front lines. She left the others in charge of Lis Mokt and was now helping Helzzier claim territory on another planet.

“Great job Commander.” Fauna saluted Cloud. She saluted back. “Thank you.” Fauna relaxed her arm. “Helzzier wants a meeting with you.” Fauna motioned for Cloud to follow and led her to the meeting room. A smaller room with a table and chairs. A screen sat on the wall with a projector. Cloud and Fauna entered and Helzzier appeared on the screen. “There you are!” She growled. “That should’ve been a lot quicker!” Cloud sat in a seat. “Sorry, Helzzier.” Helzzier glared at her. “No excuses, just get better.” She pushed her hair back. “The west is weakening. I want to focus our troops in the center now.” Cloud froze then nodded. “Yes, sir.” Helzzier sneered and then hung up. Cloud didn’t look up. “I’ll be back at the barracks in a moment. Thank you General.” Cloud sat stone faced. Fauna nodded and headed out the room. Cloud gets up and smashes her fists on the desk. Tears rolling down her face now. She pushes her hands across the table, knocking off maps and pens. “Why am I not good enough for you?!” She fell to the floor, sobbing.

Cloud walked down the hall toward the barracks. Her eyes were worn and tired. She couldn’t remember the last time she actually got any sleep. She went to the commanders quarter and shut the door. Her body was bruised and thin. She fell into bed and closed her eyes.

The air was cold and dry. The heating system throughout the barracks wasn’t always strong enough to keep it warm. Most of the time people just wore heavier clothing. The planet was a frozen wasteland, unsure what use it would have for Helzzier. A human race called the Mor’Ku inhabited this world way before the first war. They knew the lands and how to use it. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t too army heavy. They were a neutral planet until after Rathaav’ir was conquered by Helzzier and then they traded their alliance for trade goods.

Cloud tossed and turned in her sleep. Clenching her teeth and whimpering. She jolted straight up in sweat and tears. “Bizseth!!!” She clenched her chest and stared ahead of her, in shock. She finally relaxed herself and wiped her eyes. “It was just a dream.” She whispered. She looked at the clock. It was 3:00 in the morning she had to get up in a couple of hours. Cloud sighed and laid back down. “Biscuit.” She looked over at the table at her communicator. It was probably morning for them. She picked up the communicator and clicked to call Biscuit. It rang and rang. Cloud hung up and set it back on the table. Tears were rolling down her face and she held herself in the bed. She didn’t realize how cold she was and sneezed. “Oh no.”

“Yep it’s a cold alright. A fever and everything!” A young man's voice said to Cloud. Cloud was covered in blankets and coughed. “N-no! I can still fly, right?” She begged. He looked concerned. “I’m afraid that’s a no. You can’t handle g-forces like you could and you’d pass out for sure.” Cloud growled. “How do I make it go away by this afternoon?” The doctor laughed for a moment until he realized she was serious and he cleared his throat. “I’m afraid it will have to take its course.” Cloud groaned and hopped out of the cot.

“How am I going to explain a stupid cold to Helzzier?” Cloud thought to herself as she headed back to the barracks. Her communicator started buzzing. Her face went into a cold sweat. “Fuck. It’s Helzzier probably.” She picked it up and saw it was Biscuit. She couldn’t answer fast enough. “Biscuit! Biscuit!!” There was a static and then Biscuit’s face appeared on the small screen. “Cloud, there you are!! Sorry I missed your call! Juul found a snake and was trying to charm it and then it was a whole thing.” She laughed and Cloud felt her warmth coming back. “Hey.. you don’t look so good, Cloud.” Biscuit frowned. “Yeah, I have a cold.. And--” She paused and got to her room closing the door behind her, falling to the floor, crying. “And I don’t know how to tell Helzzier. I’m still not doing enough for her and I can’t be sick! I’m so close!” Cloud held her knees. “You’re doing enough. Helzzier will never see your worth though. You do so much for us and for Lis Mokt. You went to the front lines just to help us!” Biscuit said encouragingly. She paused. “Helzzier isn’t worth this, love.” There was another pause. “Come home.”

There was a knock on Cloud’s door later that night and two guards came in. “Helzzier would like to speak with you.” She got up from her desk and put her communicator in her pocket. “Alright, let’s go.” The guards lead her past the barracks and into the main section of the outpost to the meeting room. The maps and pens were still on the floor and Helzzier was on screen. “Cloud! Where were you today?!” Cloud looked down. “I was told I could not fly, I have a cold.” She told her. Helzzier looked furious. “Are you telling me? You didn’t show up because of a cold?” Her eyes were wide. Cloud looked up to her. “Yes. I was ordered by the doctor not to fly.”

“Ordered by the doctor? As far as I’m concerned, the doctor does not command you! I do!” Helzzier snapped.

Clouds eyes filled with tears and she clenched her teeth. “I was a danger to myself and others if I passed out.”

“No! You put yourself at that risk for your people!” She growled.

Cloud just stood there, fists tight. “No more excuses. You’re done. Pack your things and go. You’re useless to me here.” Helzzier pushed her hair back and sat down. “The shuttle will be there in the morning to bring you back to me.” And she hung up.
Cloud didn’t move and a guard came up and grabbed her arm. “We’ll escort you back, Commander.” Cloud nodded and went with them back to her quarters.

They left her in her room and Cloud fell to the floor, sobbing. “I’m useless.” She threw a fist into the floor.


Cloud sat at her desk, tinkering with her guns. "Cloud." A small voice came from the doorway. Cloud looked over to see Biscuit, she turned back quickly to her work. "You're doing it again. You're shutting us out." Biscuit pleaded, going over next to Cloud. "Please, Cloud."

It's been three months since Cloud's been back home. She's been distant and quiet. Going on missions on her own to eating alone. Biscuit, Juul, and Kesune all have tried to get her back on her feet, but since her last meeting with Helzzier, she hasn't been the same.

Cloud gripped the gun tighter. "I'm fine. I just need to be alone." Biscuit went to touch her, but stopped herself. "Well I'm not!" Biscuit cried. Cloud looked over at her. "When was the last time we did anything together? What about missions? What about dates we wanted to go on?" Biscuit hugged herself, crying. "I miss you, and I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong." Cloud didn't look at her. "Please, we're all worried about you. You're not alone. We love you and want you to trust us." Cloud whispered, "I failed Helzzier. What am I supposed to do now?" There was a pause, "I'm useless and there's no purpose for me now." She closed her eyes.

Biscuit gripped her head. "Helzzier.." She growled. "Helzzier is a greedy bitch who can't see your worth because she's too busy trying to get what she wants!! Helzzier only ever uses you and makes you feel useless!!" Biscuit caught her breath. "You've done more for Lis Mokt and us than anyone ever has. You've done so much for me. You saved me, remember?" She looked at Cloud. Cloud hesitated then looked at her, softly. "I'm sorry." Biscuit grabbed her hand and held it. "Don't be sorry-" She was cut off. "I'm sorry I'm not enough." Biscuit froze. "You are enough Cloud, you are more than enough. I love you." Biscuit shut her eyes. Cloud leaned forward and kissed her head. "Stay with me tonight? Please." Cloud looks at her.

Short Story: Helzzier & Cloud

Helzzier hung up the communicator and got up and adjusted her top. “She makes this just too easy.” She brushed her hair back. There was a knock on the door and Helzzier growled, “What?” Fauna entered and glared at her. “Sorry I didn’t know it was you.” Helzzier turned back to the table. Fauna stood next to her. “What’s happening with Cloud?” Helzzier smirked and turned to Fauna, caressing her cheek. “I love when you ask me about my plans.” She moved her hand away and looked at the table with war maps spread across it. “She’s agreed. Still thinking I’ll ever do anything more with her. She’s so easy.” She laughed. “She looked so determined. Like a small kitten.” Fauna looked at her. “I thought you liked Cloud?” Helzzier shook her head. “She may be a good pilot but she has too much of a mouth on her. She’s got a big heart though, she’d do anything for a place in this world.” She turned and lifted herself up to sit on the table. “Which just makes it so easy to let her believe that as long as she keeps up her record.” Fauna sighed. “Dear, she’s done a lot for you, she’s chosen you over herself. Even people she loved.” Helzzier looked bored. “Good. She should.” Fauna shook her head. “She’s going to eventually stop. Her loved ones won’t give up on her.” Helzzier shrugs. “Then she’ll be useless to me and I can finally get rid of her.”

“That’s not the point, Helzzier.” Fauna growled.

Helzzier groaned. “Why are you so you.” She snickered.

“Tch. I guess that heart of yours is still pretty frozen.” Fauna looked away.

“Wanna heat it up?” Helzzier smirked and grabbed Fauna’s chin.

“Why are you so you?” Fauna rolled her eyes and looked at Helzzier.

Jets & Coffee: Part II

It’s been three months since Cloud’s been back home. She’s been distant and quiet. Going on missions on her own to eating alone. Biscuit, Juul, and Kesune all have tried to get her back on her feet, but since her last meeting with Helzzier, she hasn’t been the same.

Cloud rode on her bike down to Lis Mokt, she stopped her bike near the edge of town and rolled it over to a place to park it. The summer heat was scorching on the town. Being in the middle of a desert had it’s down sides. She strolled over to a small hut and moved the curtain. “It’s Cloud.” She called.

“Ah, Cloud! I assume your back with the stones?” An older lady asked, peeking up over the counter and smiling. Cloud walked over and put a couple larger stones with runes carved into them on the counter. “They look alright?” Cloud asked looking at the other wares on shelves. Mostly old magical items that can only be used by Cerciels, like Juul. “They’re perfect!” The old woman grabbed them and started inspecting them quickly.

“Oh, oh, your payment!” She smiled and handed her a small sack of cash. “Thank you again, Cloud.” Cloud took the sack and nodded. She turned to head out as a couple teenagers came in. “Miss Daran! Casey found something you might like!” She paused and looked up at Cloud. “Woah! Are you Cloud?” Cloud looked at her. “What of it?” The young girl looked so happy. “You helped us.. Remember?” She pointed at Casey, a smaller teenager, brown curly hair and green eyes. “I’m Masien” The taller teenager pointed to herself. “We were much younger but you saved us and brought us here.”

“I remember you. That was a long time ago though.” She headed out of the hut. Casey and Maisen looked at each other and they ran after her. “Wait!” Cloud kept walking. “What do you want? I’m not a hero.” Casey caught up to her and walked next to her. “You are to us! Miss Daran was kind enough to take us in when you brought us here and Maisen is even thinking about going to Rotekc to start school!” Cloud looked over to Maisen who was on the other side of her. “School, huh?” Cloud nodded. “Yeah! I want to be a teacher here in Lis Mokt!” She said, excitedly. Cloud looked surprised. “You want to come here and teach?” Maisen smiled. “I thought it would be a good opportunity for the kids here. You built this place from nothing. You gave people like us a home. Thank you.” Cloud stopped and faced her. “School isn’t going to be easy. It’s a lot of work and studying.” Maisen smiled again, “I know! But Casey already offered to help me! And I’ll be able to save enough to stay in the city at the school!” She squeaked. Casey put a thumbs up.

“Then I hope you do it. That’s a wonderful thing you’re doing for Lis Mokt. For yourself.” Cloud paused a moment. Maisen hugged her and Cloud jumped a little. “W-what?” She let go. “Thank you. You’re our hero!” Cloud raised her eyebrows. “We need to be heading back, we told Miss Daran we’d help with the stones you brought!” They started to walk back, waving. Cloud waved back until they were gone and she looked down.

Helzzier walked through the hall toward her office, Fauna right behind her. The guards saluted them and opened the doors, Helzzier and Fauna entered and they closed them again. “So, I got word that Cloud fancies Bizseth again.” Helzzier smirks. Fauna goes around the table and pulls up a screen. A profile of Cloud. “Oh, Cloud. Who are you going to choose? Again.” She motioned to Fauna. Fauna nodded and clicked a button.

Cloud arrived back to the cave later that night. She drove into the garage and parked her bike. She sighed and looked over. “Hey, Cloud. You might want to see Biscuit.” Juul looked worried and Cloud dropped her helmet and dashed out of the garage to Biscuit’s room. “Biscuit, are you okay?” She walked quickly over to her. Biscuit was sitting at her desk, she looked up and didn’t say anything. She looked okay. Cloud waited, and then Biscuit looked away. “Helzzier just called me.” Clouds eyes widened. “W-what happened?” Her heart was racing. Biscuit paused again. “She’s ordered me to go on the front lines.” Cloud stood there frozen. “Where’s the message?” She asked Biscuit. Biscuit shook her head quickly. “No, no Cloud.” Biscuit stood up and put her hand on Cloud’s chest. “I declined.” Cloud’s mind filled with a million thoughts and she grabbed Biscuit’s communicator and clicked the message.

“Ah, Bizseth. I need you to do something for me. I need you back at the frontlines to finish what Cloud failed to do. That’s an order.” The communicator went silent. Cloud just stood there and Biscuit grabbed the device. “Cloud. I won’t go.” Biscuit hugged her. Cloud didn’t budge. “You know she’s going to make you.” Cloud finally spoke.

Short Story: New Recruits Part I

The guard led the four of us to a small room. It was bare except for the back wall, it had maps and diagrams spread all on it. The small desk facing us was messy as well. I looked up at the figure standing up from her chair. “Helzzier. These are the new recruits. Cloud, Bizseth, Jasper and Bucket, Sir.” A guard spoke and we all saluted. Helzzier clapped and looked at us, smirking. “Looks like you’ve all done well. From your reports. You’ll do good for Rathaav’ir.” She glazed over us and looked at me. I felt cold and froze. Helzzier looked away finally and at the guards. “Take them to their corridors for their training this week.” The guards started to motion them to follow when Helzzier raised a hand and pointed at me. “You. Stay.” The guards took the others and I looked back at Biscuit for a second before they were gone.

Helzzier walked out from behind the desk. She was tall and lanky. I expected her to be a lot more muscular. She walked over to me. “Cloud, is it?” I nodded. “Yes, sir.” Helzzier circled me once and stood in front of me. “I’ve heard great things about you. You show amazing promise.” I couldn’t believe that she'd heard of me. “I think you’d be much better in my personal fighters.” Was she recruiting me? Already? I froze there for a moment and then frowned. “I’m sorry, Sir. I have to politely decline.” Helzzier glared at me. “I want to go on this journey with Biscuit. I promise I won’t let you down!” Helzzier took a moment and then nodded. “Understood. A guard will be waiting down the hall to take you to your room.” I saluted and turned and left.

Short Story: New Recruits Part II

Helzzier sneered. “So, Bizseth is important to Cloud.” She walked back over to her desk and pulled up a screen, with a profile of Biscuit. “How cute.”

The training was hard but Cloud was showing progress. Cloud looked over the bunk, to Biscuit. “Hey! Are you awake?” Biscuit giggled. “Yeah.” Cloud got up and jumped down from her bed. “Well we have the weekend now, want to go visit Juul and Kesune?” Biscuit smiled and got up. “Yeah!”

They got ready and packed up, taking the train to outside Lis Mokt. Cloud walked around with Biscuit, greeting people and taking in their home. Biscuit was suddenly tackled to the ground. Juul hugged her against the desert ground. “I tried to stop her!” Kesune ran up behind us. Cloud hugged her. “Kesune! We were heading to the house!” Kesune hugged her back and let go. “We were helping someone at the market and were heading back ourselves when Juul saw you guys.” Biscuit and Juul were now wrestling on the ground. “Let me go!” Biscuit laughed. “You’ve been gone almost a month!! We missed you!!” Juul continued to wrestle her for a hug.

They finally got up, all laughing. “Well you're lucky I just got all the ingredients for your favorite, Cloud!” Kesune smiled. Cloud nodded. “I’ll help you cook it!” Biscuit ran off with Juul and Cloud stayed back with Kesune as they headed home.

They spent the night in Lis Mokt, waking up early to catch the train back to Rotek. From Rotekc they’ll take the train back to the training grounds.

As they stepped off the train and entered the corridors, Helzzier stepped up from behind. “Oh, Cloud. Bizseth.” She looked to Cloud. “I’m sorry again that you declined my offer, but I’ll extend the offer until tonight.” She smirked and walked off. Cloud watched her leave then looked at Biscuit. “What is she talking about?” Biscuit asked Cloud. She shrugged. “I just was offered a position to train under her personal flight fighters.” Cloud explained. Biscuit looked shocked. “And you turned it down?”

“Well, yeah. I want to do this together.” Cloud looked at her and blushed.

“Cloud, you have a chance to really get under Helzzier. That was your dream!! Don’t let it go for me. Please?” Biscuit looked at her, pleading.

Cloud frowned a bit. “A-alright.”

Cloud knocked on Helzzier’s door. “Come in.” Helzzier said sternly. “Oh, Cloud. Did you change your mind?” She got up from her desk that was faced away from her, and she turned to Cloud smirking. Cloud nodded. “I decided I want to train with you.” She saluted. Helzzier walked over and took her hand and moved it next to her side, placing her hand there and using her other hand to hold Cloud’s chin. “Oh, you are destined for greatness, I can tell. You and I will do great things.” She gets closer to Cloud and brushes her thumb on Cloud’s cheek. Cloud froze, face red. “I-i, Yes Sir.” Helzzier chuckled and pulled away letting Cloud go and she walked back over to her desk. “I’ll have you moved to your new corridors tomorrow. Training starts again Monday.” Cloud let out her breath and nodded, holding her chest. “Yes Sir.” She quickly left and shut the door, leaning back against it trying to catch her breath. “What was that?” Cloud whispered to herself and got up, walking back to her room.

Helzzier smirked. “She’s just so easy.”

Kurari: Part I

I grunted. “Juul, you’ve been singing the same song for the past hour.” I glared over at her. Juul giggled, “But it’s a good song! Besides, Biscuit likes my singing!” Biscuit nodded. “It’s true, Cloud!” Kesune smirked at me. “You’re just grumpy because we have to help Kurari on this mission.” I flustered and turned red, “It has nothing to do with her!” Biscuit skipped up behind me. “I don’t understand why you dislike Kurari so much, she’s really nice!” Kesune chuckled. I just growled. “Yeah, too nice.” I muttered.

We reached a small outpost and a young woman ran up to us, smiling. She had long blonde hair and hazel eyes. “Kurari!” Biscuit ran up to her. I steamed. Kurari hugged her. “Oh! You guys are early! Come, come!” She motioned for us to follow. A couple guards saluted her and then looked at me. I recognized them from flight school. I looked away. “I was just about to sit down for dinner, come join me.” Kurari took us to a fire pit and served us some rabbit-like creature. She looked at me, then sat next to Biscuit. I glared daggers at her. I knew what she was up to. Biscuit giggled with Juul and Kesune took a seat next to me on the log. Juul sat next to Biscuit and everyone started eating. I just played with my food mostly, nibbling every once in a while. I kept watching Kurari.

“So we can’t leave until tomorrow since it’s getting late but we’ll have to wake up early enough to go over plans.” Kurari explained. Biscuit looked at her. “You’re the officer of this outpost, right?” Kurari smiled at her, “Yeah! It’s small but it’s a great accomplishment!” She looked at me, “though, I wasn’t the one sent under Helzzier to the frontlines. That’s a pretty big deal.” We locked eyes for a moment, then I looked away. “It wasn’t anything.” She kept looking at me, “Oh, you're so modest. Just like you.” I didn’t say anything. Kurari turned to Biscuit. “And didn’t Helzzier ask you too Biscuit? That’s so brave!” She touched Biscuit’s shoulder. I felt myself grow more angry. “Oh, yeah. But I’m not going anymore!” Biscuit smiled.

Everyone finished their meals and Kurari turned to me, “Come with me a moment, Cloud. I need to talk to you about some plans.” I hesitantly got up and walked with her outside the post walls. “I won’t let you hurt her again.” Kurari snapped. She turned to me suddenly, and I stepped back. “Look, it’s none of your business.” I said. “You weren’t there when she came to me broken!” I clenched my fist. “You weren’t there when she cried to me at night!” She continued and I gritted my teeth, my eyes started to water. “I never meant to hurt her.” I said finally. “You don’t think it hurt me?” I paused. “I know what I did. I know what pain I caused her. And I’ll do anything to heal it.” I glared up at her. She growled. “She doesn’t need you anymore, you only care about Helzzier. You always have.” A fire lit inside me and I swung at her, my fist punching her in the gut. She fell down, grabbing her stomach. “Helzzier means nothing to me!” I roared, grabbing Kurari by the front of her shirt. She looked up at me, wincing. “Then why do you always choose her?” My eyes widened and I froze. I let her go and backed away from Kurari.

Kurari: Part II

Cloud stood there frozen. Kurari took a moment before getting up and glaring at her. She dusted herself off and walked past Cloud. “I will always choose her.” Kurari said before disappearing back to the camp.

Biscuit sat up and looked over to Kurari, “Kurari! Kesune and Juul went to bed.” She looked around. “Where’s Cloud?” Kurari sat next to Biscuit. “Biscuit, why did you go back to her?” She looked at Kurari. “Because, she needed me.” Kurari took her hand. “She doesn’t care about you, not like I do.” Biscuit paused. “Of course she cares about me. She’s just scared right now.” Biscuit looked down. Kurari pressed her hand against Biscuit’s cheek. “She’s not good for you.” Biscuit looked at her and they locked eyes.

Biscuit looked away, “Where’s Cloud?” Kurari pulled her hand away. “Why do you care for her so much!” Tears rolled down her face. “I saw what she did to you, and I never left!” Biscuit looked at her again. “And I always told you how grateful I am for you, but I love Cloud.” She got up. “And I’ll never be sorry for that. You will always be important to me though.” Kurari looked away, and Biscuit headed to her tent.

The sun started rising and Kesune ran into Biscuit’s tent. “Cloud’s gone!” She startled Biscuit awake, “What, what do you mean she’s gone?” Biscuit got up quickly and ran out of her tent, looking around. She clenched her fist and stormed into the captain’s quarters. “Kurari!” She looked over from her desk. “Where’s Cloud? What did you do?” Kurari got up and put her hands in front of her. “I didn’t do anything, I just talked to her. What’s wrong?” Biscuit walked up to her desk, “She’s gone! She’s missing!” Kurari’s eyes widened. Biscuit ran out and met up with Kesune and Juul. Kesune handed Biscuit a communicator. “It’s Cloud’s. We can’t track her.” Biscuit held onto it.

“Sorry Kurari, we need to find Cloud.” Biscuit turned to her as she came out of her quarters. Kesune and Juul nodded at Biscuit and they walked out of the outpost. “Let me see if anyone’s seen her at Lis Mokt.” Biscuit picked up her communicator radioed in to a mutual friend. “Arie. Arie, it’s Biscuit.”

A soft voice answered. “Oh, Biscuit! What do you need?”

“Has anyone seen Cloud over there?” Biscuit asked.

“I’ll go check, I’ll call if I find anything.” And she signed off.

Night came and Biscuit, Kesune, and Juul reached the cave and Biscuit ran in. “Cloud?” She turned the corner and ran into the garage. She approached where Cloud’s bike would’ve been. Kesune and Juul followed her in. “She’s been here, and she got her bike.” Biscuit fell to the ground. Juul walked over and kneeled down. “She’s going to come back. Maybe she just needs space.” Biscuit didn’t look up.

Clouds Return: Part I

It’s been three months since Cloud’s disappearance. Biscuit had slept in her room every night hoping she’d come back, checking Lis Mokt every day. Juul walked in and pulled herself up on the ledge to Biscuit. “Biscuit. Kesune made dinner. Please come eat.” She looked down. Biscuit sat up and looked at her. “I’ll eat.” She got up from the bed and her communicator started going off. She quickly looked at it, hopeful. She frowned and looked at Juul. “It’s Helzzier, hold on.” Juul nodded and left.

Biscuit answered and Helzzier’s face showed up on the screen. “Where’s Cloud!? She’s been gone for three months and I can’t get a hold of her! Where is she?!” Biscuit saluted her, trying to hold back tears. “She’s run away, Sir.” Biscuit replied. “Get her back!” Helzzier growled. “I’m trying. I assure you-” Helzzier interrupted her. “Try harder!” And the screen went black. Biscuit fell down, crying.

Juul perked up, “Biscuit!” She frowned. “Come eat.” Biscuit took a bowl of the stew and sat at the table quietly. Kesune shut her eyes and sipped from the bowl. There was a motorcycle sound in the garage and Biscuit’s eyes widened and she ran out, knocking over her bowl. Juul and Kesune quickly followed.

Biscuit ran in the garage and stopped suddenly. “Biscuit-” Biscuit was furious and ran over to Kurari, punching her right in the face. She fell to the ground and held her cheek. “What do you want? What could you possibly-”

“We found Cloud.” Kurari said, wincing.

Biscuit looked at her softly. “What?”

“S-she’s at our camp.” Biscuit didn’t hesitate and ran to her bike, “Kesune, Juul. I’ll be back!” And she rode off. Kurari quickly got up and hopped back on her bike, following her.

Kurari caught up to her and radioed her, “We don’t know what happened, we were on patrol and she was laying in the middle of the desert. Biscuit, she was dying.” There was silence. “We have her getting proper care now. She must’ve been there for at least a day. Her bike was nowhere to be found though.”

They reached outside the post and Biscuit quickly parked her bike. Kurari parked and led her to the captain’s quarter. She waited outside and Biscuit went in. She walked over to her, large, bloodied, bandages wrapped around her torso. Biscuit fell to her knees next to Cloud and cried. “Where were you?”

Clouds Return: Part II

Biscuit was sound asleep next to Cloud, when she was woken up by a noise. Cloud was tossing and turning in her sleep. She looked like she was in pain. “Cloud?” Biscuit woke up more, “Cloud!” She crawled over to her and tried to shake her awake. “Cloud, it’s okay! It’s just a dream!” Cloud’s eyes finally opened and she laid there, panting. She winced and held her side. “Ah!” Biscuit put her hand on Cloud’s shoulder. Cloud looked over and her eyes watered. “I’m sorry.” Biscuit gently held her, tears rolling down her face.

Biscuit got Cloud sitting up and started giving her meds through an iv. Cloud didn’t look at her. Biscuit sat next to her on the cot. “What happened? Where did you go?” She looked at Cloud and Cloud looked back at her. “After what happened with Kurari, I ran away. I ran back to the cave and got my bike and just left.” She paused. “But I ran into some trouble.” Biscuit looked worriedly at her.

“They called themselves Helzzier followers. They believe she’s a demi-god or something.” Kesune walked over and wrapped a blanket over Cloud. They made it back to the cave that morning. Biscuit held her hand and they sat at the kitchen table. Kesune took a seat next to Cloud. “They- they wanted me to tell them her plans. Which I’m not sure I know entirely.” Cloud paused. “But they didn’t believe me.” Biscuit squeezed her hand. “I was their prisoner and was barely kept alive as long as I cooperated.” Cloud looked down.

“I was able to escape in one of their fighter ships. I’m not sure where I crashed or anything after.” Cloud grabbed her side. Scars of burns and bruises covered her body. Old wounds, barely just healing. “I have a feeling they’ll be back. I need to tell Helzzier.” Biscuit shook her head. “No, you need to rest first.” Cloud looked at her. “I’m not taking any chances.” Cloud got up and placed the blanket on the table, turning to leave.

Choices: Part I

Cloud put on her jacket and walked out of her room. Small footsteps approached her. “Please, Cloud. You’re not healed yet. You need to rest.” Cloud stopped walking for a moment. “I’ll be back in a little while, Biscuit.” She continued and Biscuit stood there, head down.

Cloud got off the train in Rotekc and walked down the road. A familiar walk to her. She approached the capital and guards let her in. She led herself down to Helzzier’s headquarters and knocked. “Helzzier it’s Cloud.” The doors slammed open a moment later. “Where in hell have you been?” Cloud sighed, “That’s what I came here to talk to you about.” Helzzier was furious. “Just, get in here.” She let Cloud pass and then slammed the doors shut. “This has better be good. And I mean it.” Helzzier walked back around to her desk and put her elbows on the desk entwining her finger. “There’s a group of people on an old world. They believe your a demigod.” Helzzier’s eyes widened then she looked away. “They held me captive. Wanting your plans.” Helzzier took out her knife quickly and pointed it to Cloud. “You didn’t tell them anything, you wouldn’t have returned to me if you had.” She stabbed the knife in the table.

“There’s something you’re not telling me.” Cloud spoke. Helzzier growled. “It is not your place for me to tell you!” Cloud clenched her fist. “I’ve done everything for you! I’ve done everything you’ve asked of me perfectly! I deserve the truth!” Cloud stepped forward. Helzzier narrowed her eyebrows. “You watch your tone.” Helzzier growled. “I know of these people you talk about though. They’re a bunch of old people who still believe in that crap.” Cloud glared at her.

There was a moment of silence. “Is that all you have to tell me?” Helzzier finally spoke. “Look I need you for something, stay here and we’ll start tomorrow.” Cloud shifted back. “Yes, Sir.” She bowed and Helzzier rolled her eyes. “Just go.”

Cloud left and pulled out her communicator, dialing Biscuit. “Are you heading back already?” A voice answered. “Not exactly. Helzzier wants me to help her with something tomorrow. She’s asked me to stay here.” Cloud paused. Biscuit looked shocked. “You’re not going to, are you? Do you remember the last time you stayed there with her?” Biscuit sounded worried. “This time is different, I promise.” Biscuit’s eyes watered. “No. It’s not about that, you’re injured! You need to be here resting. What about everything that happened while you were gone?!” Cloud took a moment. “I’ll figure it out.” Biscuit cut her off. “You were gone for three months! How do you think I felt not knowing where you were, not knowing what happened.” She cried. Cloud froze in the halls.

“I slept in your bed every night in case you came back! I could barely breathe without it hurting because I thought you were never coming back!” She held her head and panted. Cloud didn’t reply. “I need you, Cloud. I never wanted to do this. It’s me or Helzzier.” Cloud’s eyes widened and the call ended. Cloud fell to her knees

Choices: Part II

I felt like I was going to puke. I felt everything turning inside me and I got up. I was dazed. Thoughts running through my head. Then I heard Kurari. “You always choose Helzzier!” I felt faint and leaned against a wall. If I tell Helzzier I won’t do it, she’ll never trust me with the truth. Biscuit needs me though. Biscuit has always chosen me. She was always choosing me. I held my wound and winced. My mind flashed back to when I was in the cell.

All I wanted was to tell Biscuit I was alright. All I wanted was to ease her mind. I just want her to be happy. My mind came back and I shook my head. I just know if Helzzier can just tell me the truth, I’ll finally be good enough for her. I just have to keep trying. My mind flashed again and I was in my cell. The other prisoner there was from that world.

“I know you’re tired, Cloud.” I heard an old voice talking. “But remember you will get out and be with her again.” I shook my head again coming back. I felt hot and then collapsed in the hall.

I was back in the cell and I heard a voice again, the old man. “What do you want most in life?” I blinked and looked away. “I just want Helzzier to see that I’m worth it.”

I woke up, the room was hazy and my vision wasn’t back yet. I heard someone, “Oh, you’re waking up.” I looked around a bit more as my vision started to return. “A guard found you passed out in the hallway and brought you to the infirmary.” The nurse said, checking my eyes with a light.

I pushed it out of the way and pressed my head, groaning. “I’m fine.” I sat up and the nurse grabbed my shoulder. “You need to rest, please.” My eyes widened and I looked over. A small brunette girl looked at me. I sighed and looked away getting up. “I said I’m fine.” I wandered back out of the infirmary and headed out the building. Looks like she bandaged my wound again though, I thought while I looked at the fresh bandage.

I went to the outer part of town and opened the doors to a club. I just need to get my mind off everything right now. I can’t go back. I sat at the bar and motioned at a bartender. I ordered a drink and looked over at everyone dancing. “Some wound you got there.” A young woman’s voice said to me. I looked over and a girl with brown hair sat next to me and pointed to my bandage. “Gotta story?” She took a chug of her drink and smiled at me. “Just something I got exploring.” She didn’t seem to believe me. “I’m Aaren by the way.” I nodded. “Cloud.” Aaren pointed to my jacket. “Ah, you’re in the flight fighters.” She smiled then looked serious. “Wait, Cloud?” I looked confused. “You work next to Helzzier!” She punched me in the arm, though she was pretty weak. “Come with me!”

She led me outside the building and lit a cigarette. “We went to Flight school together. Though you were a year ahead of me.” She took some of her cigarette. “You were friends with that girl, uhh Bizseth, right?” I nodded and she offered me a cigarette. I shook my head. “Anyways. You’re talked about all over base right now. Helzzier was pretty mad about the frontlines.” Aaren chuckled. I looked away. “But everyone admires you there.” I blushed and looked back at her angrily. “What’s there to admire? I failed. Helzzier knows it.” Aaren glared at me. “But she still chose you to go in the first place!” I widened my eyes. She looked at me. “What?” I looked down. “Nothing.” Aaren shrugged. “It’s still pretty neat being so close to Helzzier. Some say she’s replacing you with Fauna.” I growled. “I wouldn’t! Besides.” I paused. “I love someone else.” Aaren smiled. “Oh, I see.” I blushed.

We spent some time talking and sharing familiar flight school stories. I paused and winced, grabbing my side. I looked down and saw blood. “Oh, wow! Hold on!” Aaren helped me and walked me to a small hospital and they wheeled me off. Juul’s healing only did so much. They unwrapped the bandage and three scratches deep in my side were glowing green. I nearly lost consciousness when I saw it. What was it?! I started to panic and the nurses held me down. “Don’t touch me!!” I frantically tried to free myself before soon passing out when a nurse shot me with something to put me to sleep.

I woke up panting and looked around. No one was in here and when I tried to move, my arms and legs were bound. I groaned and looked down to my wound bandaged again. I felt a stinging pain from it.

A nurse came in and saw me awake. “She’s awake.” She motioned for someone to enter. The nurse came over and unsecured my arms and legs. Biscuit walked in. I didn’t know what to say. Biscuit looked at the nurse. “Give us a minute.” She nodded and left. I sat up and hugged my legs. “Biscuit, I-” She cut me off. “Aaren called me and told me you were here. Please.” She came over and stood next to me. “Come home.” I took a moment and paused. “Alright.” I didn’t look at her.

Short Story: Helzzier's Truth

Cloud sighed and removed her bandage. The glowing wound was still there. She groaned and grabbed near the wound. Her communicator started ringing and she answered it. “Hello.” A calm voice replied, “I heard you got hurt while you were in the old world. Come see me, it won’t heal on its own.” Helzzier looked at the camera. “What?” Cloud eyes widened. “You were cursed by an old cer. I’ll explain more when you return.” Helzzier hung up.

Cloud stood there a moment and Biscuit knocked on the bathroom door. “Cloud, everything okay?” Cloud grabbed the bandage and wrapped it back up, opening the door. “I was just checking on my scratches. Helzzier called though, she knows what happened to me, she says it won’t heal on its own.” There was some silence before Biscuit nodded and looked at Cloud. “I’ll come with you.” Cloud didn’t argue and they left for the city.

Helzzier was back in her office, facing away from the door. A couple guards entered with Cloud and Biscuit. “They said you requested them, Sir.” Helzzier turned her head and motioned for them to leave. “Let me see this wound of yours.” Helzzier walked around her desk and looked at Cloud. Cloud slid off her jacket and lifted her tank up and started unwrapping her bandage. Helzzier frowned as it was revealed. “I’m sorry Bizseth I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Helzzier glanced over to Biscuit. She struggled to refuse, but held back. She saluted and walked out. Cloud watched as she left, worriedly.

Helzzier motioned for Cloud to step closer. “Why did you need to send Biscuit out?” Cloud asked her, annoyed. “I’m about to tell you something no one knows but Fauna.” Helzzier walked closer to her. Cloud stepped back, “What is it?” Helzzier stopped, “Stay still.” Cloud glared at her for a moment then relaxed. Helzzier approached her, and held her hand to Cloud’s wound. Cloud winced, “What are you-” Helzzier cut her off. “Cloud what I’m about to tell you, can not leave this room.” Helzzier’s hand started to glow and Cloud cried out in pain. “Ahh!” Helzzier held her up as she stumbled over, keeping her hand focused on her wound. Cloud clenched her teeth, groaning when suddenly she felt better. “Huh?” She looked down as Helzzier moved her hand away, revealing a scar where the wound was.

Helzzier held Cloud for a second, and Cloud blushed, pushing her away and getting up. “What just happened?” Cloud pulled down her tank. “I’m not from this realm. I come from a realm that is a myth to most people. I’m a demi-god, created by mistake.” Cloud lost her balance and stepped back, speechless. “I escaped into this realm. On the exact planet these followers had taken you. It was my home planet over a thousand years ago.” Cloud looked at Helzzier in shock. “Y-you’re lying.” Helzzier turned to her. “How do you explain how I healed that wound. Not even a cerciel could do that.” She turned back away. “I ran away after being used for their war and conquered Rathaav’ir for myself.”

Cloud watched Helzzier for a moment. “You need to stay low for a while. I’m retiring you until it’s safe.” Helzzier finally spoke. Cloud bowed and they locked eyes. Helzzier glared at her. “I only told you, to heal you. Don’t think this means anything.” Cloud didn’t break eye contact and then turned to leave.

Cloud walked out to the hall where Biscuit was being held back by guards. When they saw Cloud they released her, and she ran over to Cloud. “I heard you screaming, are you okay?!” She hugged Cloud. Cloud blushed, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Let’s get back to the train.” Biscuit let go of her and reached for Cloud’s hand. Cloud took it and they walked back to the train.

Cloud put her jacket back on as they approached the station. “What did she do to you?” Biscuit asked. “She was able to heal me.” Biscuit stopped for a moment. “What?” Cloud froze. “She had a cure.” Biscuit looked at her. “What are you not telling me?” Cloud looked at her a moment then away. “Nothing happened. She just knows good doctors.” Cloud continued toward the train. Biscuit frowned and followed her.

It All Comes Down to This: Part I

Helzzier grabbed her knife and placed it in her sheath bound to her buckle next to her hip. “You’ll be able to handle everything here while I’m gone?” She glanced over to the brunette, her hair up in a bun. “Don’t worry, Helzzier. I’ve got this.” Fauna smiled and walked over to Helzzier and pecked her cheek. Helzzier blushed and looked away. “Alright, alright.” Helzzier huffed. “Just come back safe.” Fauna frowned.

I could hear the echo of our footsteps throughout the cave. We wore our flight fighters jackets and as we approached the entrance we could hear the sound of jet engines. I stopped and looked at Biscuit. “This is going to be the biggest battle we’ve faced yet.” I felt her hand touch my shoulder. “Don’t worry Cloud. We’re going to come back.” She gave me a soft smile. I looked back one last time to the cave, then sighed. “Let’s go.”

We sat in the shuttle, quietly. Watching as we left the outer layer of the shield that surrounded Rathaav’ir. I watched out the window as stars came into view. We were heading to a neutral world, not involved in the war. There were sightings of enemy ships travelling around here and Helzzier had asked Biscuit and I to join her on the frontlines. I haven’t seen Helzzier since we last spoke and I learned the truth.

“This is your captain speaking, prepare for hyperdrive in sixty seconds.” The radio called over the small shuttle. I looked over at Biscuit who was buckling up and I moved over to her, to make sure she was secure, then continued to buckle up myself. The ship started to shake and I felt Biscuit grab my hand. I didn’t look at her and watched as lights of all colors passed us and I felt my mind getting flooded with thoughts. Then we stopped.

The world was small, it might just be a moon. The shuttle slowed and we waited for confirmation for landing. You could see where Helzzier was camping from up here, but I didn’t see any other ships. I felt Biscuit’s hand let go of mine and I looked over. She smiled and looked out the window.

We were able to land quickly and the shuttles doors opened. Helzzier stood at the bottom, tall and stiff. Biscuit went out first and saluted her. “Helzzier.” Helzzier nodded to her and dismissed her. She started to walk off then looked back as I approached Helzzier. “You’ll be coming with me.” She turned with two guards following her. I looked over to Biscuit and nodded. She frowned and a guard escorted her to the barracks. I turned and followed behind Helzzier. The guards walked behind me.

She led us to a large tent and let me in. The guards stayed outside. “There are ships heading here. We need to stop them before they get too close.” Helzzier walked behind her desk and took out a map. Right to the point then. I walked up to the desk and watched as a hologram started playing. Two large ships with several hundred other enemy ships followed. “I’m still not sure what they’re doing over here since they’re from at least 300 light years away from Rathaav’ir.” I thought for a moment. “So, what? We surprise them here?” Helzzier nodded. “We’ll meet about here.” The hologram moved to right outside the planet’s barrier. I looked up at her. “They won’t know what hit them.” Helzzier smirked.

It All Comes Down to This: Part II

Cloud walked over to her ship. The sound of engines going off from other garages could be heard echoing through the metal walls. Footsteps were heard approaching Cloud from behind. “Cloud.” Helzzier stopped, her hands behind her back. “Don’t mess this up out there. I’m counting on you.” Cloud saluted. “I promise, this time will be victorious.” Helzzier nodded and Bizseth walked up. She bowed to Helzzier, and Helzzier turned to her. “Ah, Bizseth. Thank you for joining us.” Her eyebrows narrow. “I’ll meet you both on the battlefield then.” And she walked off.

Cloud turned to Bizseth and looked at her. “Biscuit. You don’t have to be here.” Bizseth shook her head and smiled. “I’m right here with you.” She walked up to Cloud and brought her face up to Cloud’s, pecking her lips. Cloud blushed. “Radio me. If you need anything. Go to line 2, it’s me and Helzzier’s private channel.” Bizseth nodded.

A group of people ran in, over to the ships. A young man ran up to Cloud. “You almost ready to depart, ma’am?” Cloud put her hand out to Bizseth and she took it. Cloud pulled her close and whispered in her ear. Bizseth closed her eyes and smiled. “Ready.” Cloud backed up and turned to the man. “Bizseth, your ship is ready.” Bizseth nodded and walked over to the ship. Cloud bowed her head to the man and walked off to her own ship.

The large battle ship was commissioned by Helzzier for Cloud when she was promoted to her officer. Cloud sighed and was helped in her ship. A woman took the steps away and the ship closed shut. Cloud clicked her radio on. “Cloud here.” There was some static. “Cloud, good. Groups a and b have already left, get ready.” Cloud switched the radio and called over to Bizseth. “Biscuit, we’re about to take off.” Biscuit quickly called back. “I’m ready.”

Helzzier met us with her ship outside the garages and on the runway. People were scattered running everywhere and the sun was setting. Helzzier clicked on her engine and adjusted her wings. Cloud and Bizseth followed, and they started off down the runway. Quickly lifting off the ground and shooting through the barrier. Stars appeared and they could see the other ships lined up in front of them.

“Alright, listen up! In a couple hours we will be cutting paths with the enemies.” There was silence. “When we get there, I want you to give them hell.” Helzzier spoke. “Let’s go. Full speed.” Simitamisouly all the ships launched forward. Cloud’s radio blinked and she turned to another channel. “Cloud, you’re going to help me with something. There’s a large war ship we need to take down.”

Several hours later ships appeared in the distance. Cloud gritted her teeth. “I’m going to make you proud, Helzzier.” Cloud whispered. Silence swept over the battlefield as anticipation flooded everyone. Suddenly there were blasts. The front line was attacking and before Cloud knew it, it was full on battle. Weaving in and out explosions and ships. Pushing her console forward she aimed her weapons at the enemy ships, blasting them off as she dodged other attacks. “Helzzier, I don’t see the large ship!” Cloud called in over the radio. “They’re in the back!” Helzzier called back. Cloud kept weaving through, pushing toward the back of the lines. Helzzier appearing right behind her. “There!” Helzzier called. Cloud set her weapons to target it.

“Cloud!!!” Bizseth’s voice called over the channel. “Bizseth?” Helzzier called back over the line. “Bizseth! What’s wrong?” Cloud called. “They blew my lazers off!” Cloud turned around her ship. “Where are you?!” Cloud hollard. “Cloud!!! Get back here!!!!” Cloud kept going, dodging blasts aimed at her. She saw Bizseth, she was being chased. “Hold on, Biscuit!” Suddenly there was a blast from the larger ship approaching. “CLOUD!!!” Helzzier called out, turning her ship around and chasing after her. There was another blast. “Cloud! Behind you!!” Helzzier called over the radio. There was an explosion right in front of Helzzier.

Helzzier’s eyes widened and she pushed her ship to go faster. “Cloud!” Bizseth called over. Helzzier saw the ship, the back was completely destroyed, the pit’s cover was destroyed and Cloud was outside the ship. Helzzier called over the radio. “We need medics, fast!!!” Helzzier raced over putting on a mask and opening her cock pit, pulling Cloud in. “Bizseth, follow me!” Helzzier sped past the ships in battle, avoiding lasers and broken ships. Bizseth followed closely behind, tears rolling down her eyes.

They reached a medic ship and landed quickly. Helzzier hopped off her ship with Cloud in her arms. Bizseth covered her mouth and slid off her ship, landing on her feet. She ran over and Helzzier laid her down. Helzzier had tears in her eyes. “She-” Bizseth fell to her knees. “They have to help her! They can!” Helzzier stared at Cloud, she clenched her fists. “No, but I can.” Bizseth looked up at Helzzier.

Helzzier stood up and her eyes went black. Her pupils glowed blue and she started chanting, “Yu bot’chel ko rov.” Her hands started glowing blue and she reached up and light shone through the barrier and to Helzzier’s hand. Tears streaming down her face. “Ahh!” She threw her hand down on top of Cloud’s chest. “Yu bot’chel ko rov.” Cloud glowed and flashed a bright light, Bizseth covered her eyes.

The light settled and the air stilled around them. Bizseth looked back toward Cloud, her eyes widened. Cloud rose and her light blue wings dropped as she fell back down. Helzzier’s eyes went white again and she fell to her knee, panting. Cloud fell over and groaned. Bizseth ran over and held her. “Cloud! Cloud! You’re okay!!!” Cloud budged her eyes open. “Huh?” She looked around, dazed. Bizseth hugged her, crying. “Oh you’re okay.” Helzzier looked away.

Cloud shook her head. “No-no. I died. I-” She paused then looked over at Helzzier. “Helzzier.” Bizseth pulled away and held her, looking over to Helzzier. “I brought you back.” Cloud’s eyes widened. “What?” Helzzier didn’t look at her. “I made you an angel.” She looked at Cloud. “You belong to me now.”

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